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Whether you need an NFT minting dApp for your website, advice on how to launch a project, or a fully customized Web3 MVP for your startup idea, we’ve got you covered.

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Web3 strategy

Every project begins with a strong concept. We have developed a proprietary Web3 project canvas framework. From tokenomics modeling to concept audits, we will ensure your project has a solid foundation on which to grow.


Your project needs to look STUNNING. And we’ve put together a design team that can make it pop. From impeccable UX/UI to breathtaking graphic design and rock-solid frontend code, we will create smooth and responsive website experiences that immerse, engage, and can scale with your userbase.

Smart contracts

Blockchain development can be a daunting endeavor for any project, but our experienced dev team has already run through the gauntlet and learned the tricks of the trade by heart. From custom NFT smart contracts to full-blown Web3 ecosystems, we can realize your project’s vision as an effective and elegant technical solution on multiple blockchains.

Web & App development

In addition to custom smart contract development, we offer full-stack custom development services to build out the rest of your website or application. We code rock-solid, scalable backends, smooth and full-featured frontends, upload, organize and integrate metadata, and can implement a wide range of third-party services to meet any payment solution requirements.

Marketing & community

Building a Web3 project and building its community go hand in hand. We’ve experienced it first hand with many projects, and we know what works and what doesn’t. From consultation to create a plan of execution for your project to all-out hands-on community management services, we can help build a community of loyal users for your project.

Web3 legal

As founding members of the Harvard NFT Task Force and the Czech Creative Commons board, our legal team is an unrivaled authority on Web3 compliance. From creating custom NFT licenses to GDPR, KYC, and international regulations, we will ensure your project is legally sound from every possible angle.

Tokenomics modeling

When launching a Web3 project involving the creation and sale of digital assets, there are a wide range of factors that must be considered as to the supply and mechanics of your tokens. We provide comprehensive analysis and modeling to ensure your project’s tokenomics are impervious to exploitation and sustainable in the long-term.

concept • development • smart contracts • web3 • LEGAL•
concept • development • smart contracts • web3 • LEGAL•

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