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We love to support NFT projects with a strong community, awesome utility and stunning artwork. Sit down, scroll through, and enjoy our virtual gallery of digital collectibles.

Opensea profile
Valhalla NFT


#2474, #5734, #8511

This one was a “must-ape-in” for us. We love the vibe of the artwork and Valhalla is doing a fantastic job of creating a thriving community around their long-term vision of building a sustainable business and eventual gaming platform. This is far more than a one-off collection, it has so much potential, and we can’t wait to see where it goes.

Memeland by 9GAG

The Captainz #2671, The Potatoes #6599

"One of a kind" project created by well established entertainment online platform 9GAG.

Memeland NFT owned by Artiffine

Solos - Yellow Paper


You just can’t deny how stunning the artwork in the Solos collection is. One of our mantras is we only buy what we like, and we love Solos. Not to mention, it’s a local, Czech-based artist, and we’re huge proponents of supporting local artists and communities.

The Divergents

Collection Partnership

NFTs aren’t always associated with philanthropy and altruism, but the Czech-based collection Divergents is diverging from the status quo in making these qualities their core values. We absolutely love the artwork and we are fully on board with their mission. So much so that we’ve now joined forces with them to help with the tech side of future features and drops!

Divergents NFT

Sound of Silence


As avid skiers, we couldn’t resist grabbing this beautiful 1/1 edition from another extremely talented Czech artist. It reminds us of the Czech countryside and simply popped out at us when we saw it. Martin Rak is one to watch, his work just keeps getting better and better!

dm Muzy Inspirace

#7, #104, #200, #304, #411, #523

We put our all into this project, and it was our first big project onboarding a major multi-national brand into Web3, so we just had to cop a few muses for ourselves. The artwork is top notch, dm is by far our favorite drugstore chain, and the values of empowering women and conjuring inspiration are right in line with our values as a company.

Lacoste UNDW3:
The Emerge


We admire Lacoste for jumping head first into Web3 and launching a successful NFT project with a long-term, economically sustainable vision. They’re going above and beyond in creating a community, providing value for holders, and betting big on the future of Web3 for engaging customers. We’re also big tennis buffs, and we love the aesthetic of both Lacoste fashion line and the UNDW3 platform.

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