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We’re launching Artiffine Ambassadors — a program to help Web3 projects to build, and reward those who connect us to them.


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How it works:

Artiffine Ambassadors is a referral program that allows ambassadors to offer discounts on Artiffine’s services to potential projects, and rewards them with a commission based on the final price of services rendered. Ambassadors go through screening, become members of Artiffine community and qualify for benefits.

Discount ambassadors can offer to their clients:

$300 discount

on $5,000+ deals

$2,000 discount

on $30,000+ deals

Referral reward ambassadors will receive from closed deals:

3-5 %

Other ambassador benefits

Free event tickets

Community activities grants

Artiffine merch

Airdrops & whitelists 🤫

Artiffine Discord access


1. Click become ambassador and introduce yourself.
2. Schedule a call with Artiffine’s Partnership manager
3. Review materials to learn more about Artiffine and the program
4. Get accepted: welcome👋

Become ambassador

Why we’re excited…

We know that there are tons of enthusiastic Web3 aficionados that love being part of the community, visiting insightful conferences, and being at the cutting edge of technology. Hearing about new Web3 projects and ideas is their bread and butter.

Now, you have the opportunity to make some of those projects a reality and get rewarded for doing so. Become part of our community and receive support for your endeavors!

Let’s make Web3 thrive even more.

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