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As founding members of the Harvard NFT Task Force and the Czech Creative Commons board, our legal team is an unrivaled authority on Web3 legal agenda. From creating custom NFT licenses to GDPR, KYC, and international regulations, we will ensure your project is legally sound from every possible angle.

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Web3 Legal Services

We ensure that your Web3 project is legally compliant, that your IP is cleared and yours to license, and that you have a solid legal foundation upon which to build your vision.

Web3 Legal analysis

For most projects, it’s essential to survey the Web3 legal landscape before launch to understand the various obstacles and potential pitfalls that exist. Our legal analysis services include everything from Web3 legal-theoretical specifics assessments to crypto capital agenda.


Implementing NFT licenses is essential to specify what rights you are licensing when you sell an NFT. It is also crucial to understand whether the IP you are licensing is in fact yours to license. Our NFT licensing services range from standard, template-based licenses to base research, rights clearing, and fully tailor-made licenses.


Are you involved in the crypto business? Are you targeting the customers from the EU? Then MiCA is here to regulate your steps. Explore our MiCA guide.


In Europe, complying with GDPR is an absolute must, and in the US, similar restrictions must be adhered to. To understand the risks facing your project and how to avoid them, we offer GDPR compliance services ranging from basic privacy policies to full GDPR audits.


Complying with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations requires projects to verify the identities of their users and take extensive measures to ensure they are not facilitating illegal financial activities. We offer KYC & AML services ranging from basic assessments and standard disclaimers to comprehensive KYC and AML compliance measures implemented throughout every aspect of the project.

Web3 Legal tokenomics

Ensuring your token meets all applicable legal requirements is a crucial component to launching a successful project. Our services include IP considerations, establishing trading options, and broader assessments as to the useability, legality, and compliance of your token to relevant regulations.

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