House of Lobkowicz

A KYC compliance gateway and legal solution for a proof of patronage collection by one of Europe’s noble families.







Q3 2022


Before restoration

After restoration

The vision

William R. Lobkowicz was launching an NFT collection to allow patrons to sponsor the restoration of his family’s extensive art collection.

As a well-known noble family, any patronage had to be KYC compliant, built-in at the technical level during purchase of the NFTs, and supported by relevant terms and conditions.

Legal Flex

No standard NFT refund framework currently exists for, so Artiffine had to build a functional system to underlie the NFT e-shop experience. We had to build the legal ecosystem from scratch, in full compliance with EU regulations and consumer protection laws.

See the project live

What the client is saying

House of Lobkowicz

“They did a fantastic job helping us with legal policies that are quite complicated, especially in an area where these policies are still being determined and put together.

They were professional, quick, and explained every step of the process along the way, which was particularly helpful.”

Services provided:

Legal agenda

  • KYC terms and conditions
  • NFT licenses
  • KYC portal requirements
  • Development of KYC-compliance solution
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