DVRG Art Collection

The Divergents is an NFT collection emphasizing altruism and individuality and featuring the artwork of Marek Ehrenberger. They wanted to extend their support to more artists and offer an additional utility to their existing NFT holders, so they launched the DVRG Art Collection.

The DVRG Art Collection gives all holders of Divergents NFTs a DVRG Mint Pass, allowing them to mint 1 piece of artwork from a new featured artist each month, for free. To launch their new utility, they would need to code and deploy two new smart contracts and an NFT minting dApp, so Artiffine stepped up to the plate.


Smart Contract



Q1 2023


The solution

Artiffine prepared an ERC1155 smart contract, allowing multiple people to own a single token. Each piece of art has its own token ID, and every Divergents holder can mint one copy.

To verify whether an account trying to mint actually holds a Divergents NFT, the tech team deployed a verification smart contract that verifies the address holds at least one ERC721 token from the original collection. The flexible configuration of the implementation allows for this logic to be swapped out at any point in the future.

Now, Divergents launches a new DVRG drop each month from a different artist. Any Divergents holder who wants to mint can connect their wallet, get verified, and mint each piece through an elegant minting dApp interface.

Legal solution
In addition, Artiffine’s Legal Team prepared an NFT license to establish the terms of use of the collection IP for holders. This crucial legal document clarifies any potential misconceptions about what holders can and can’t do with the IP associated with NFTs they have purchased.

Artiffine - Divergents partnership

The DVRG Art Collection is just the first step in a long-term partnership between Artiffine and The Divergents. Fully onboard with the vision of the collection and ethos of its founders, Artiffine is excited to support The Divergents with additional drops, utilities, legal agenda, and improvements. Keep an eye on The Divergents Discord for new updates and announcements!

See the project live

What the client is saying

Divergents logo

Jana Kubátová


4.0 Clutch

Services provided:

  • NFT minting dapp (custom Ethereum smart contract, frontend development)
  • Custom verification functionality to exclusively allow Divergents NFT holders to mint pieces from the DVRG Art Collection.
  • Custom verification functionality to exclusively allow Divergents NFT holders to mint pieces from the DVRG Art Collection.
  • NFT License
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