Evgeniya Zolotareva

Evgeniya Zolotareva is a CZ based fine art artist, specializing in abstract art.

Her first NFT collection is a stunning showcase of abstract art that pushes the boundaries of creativity and imagination. Featuring a diverse range of styles and techniques, this collection offers a truly unique and mesmerizing experience for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Each NFT in this collection is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that captures the essence of abstract expressionism in all its forms. From bold and vibrant colors to intricate textures and patterns, these NFTs are designed to evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue in anyone who views them.


Smart Contract



Q1 2023


What the client is saying

Evgeniya Zolotareva

“Extremely professional and supportive team. They are very fast in response and easily solve every problem.
Who feel as an "infant" in the NFT world, as I am, don't doubt and contact them. They are just the BEST!”

4.0 Clutch

Services provided:

  • Custom ERC721 Ethereum smart contract
  • NFT ecosystem guidance
  • NFT metadata preparation
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