is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) swapping platform that allows users to trade multiple NFTs quickly and securely through an intuitive user interface.


Branding and design





Q1 2023


The vision approached Artiffine with the ambitious goal of creating an NFT swapping platform from scratch. They had a fascinating and innovative concept, but needed help transforming it into reality. 

After discussing the idea, Artiffine helped hone their concept and fleshed out the details in a comprehensive whitepaper. The design team went to work on their branding, UX/UI, and website design, crafting a powerful and intuitive interface to spearhead the creation of the platform.

Next, Artiffine’s dev team coded and deployed the smart contract from which the NFT membership passes would be minted. They finished off the first phase of the platform launch with a minting dApp seamlessly integrated into the website, allowing users to mint soulbound NFT membership passes.


Artiffine served as a trusted advisory team to the founder of and helped shape the overall vision from the get-go.

The vision was documented and communicated in a whitepaper and translated visually into a sleek website.

Finally, the functional side of the core concept was implemented as NFT membership passes.

This cohesive plan of attack is only made possible by Artiffine’s holistic approach, with in-house capabilities and coordination spanning every aspect of any Web3 project.

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Niklas Schröer

“This is honestly the best project management I've had and couldn't imagine doing all this with a different company than Artiffine. Super professional, on the same eye-level discussion, honest answers to secure efficiency and durability for a project. Just thankful to have them as a business partner period.”

Services provided:

  • Project consultation and concept development
  • Branding, UX/UI design
  • Website development
  • Project whitepaper
  • NFT artwork, metadata mapping
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