Škoda 2023 IIHF NFT

Škoda Auto is an official main sponsor of the 2023 IIHF WM, and we are super proud to have helped them launch an amazing NFT collection connected to the Škodaverse metaverse platform!


Goalie Masks


Smart Contract



Q2 2023


The vision

As the official sponsor of the 2023 IIHF WM, Škoda wanted to launch a unique NFT collection directly tied to their metaverse platform called Škodaverse.

While playing interactive games within Škodaverse, top performers got a chance of choosing their rewards in the form of unique NFTs. This innovative approach allows them to transform their gaming success into tangible digital assets, enhancing the gaming experience.

The campaign took place during 2023 IIHF ICE HOCKEY World Championship.

Artiffine teamed up with Optimist Inc. and Brainz Disruptive to deliver the full scope of the project.

For ice hockey fans

16 Nations = 16 Goalie masks

Each Goalie Mask NFT represents a different country participating in the tournament and has been masterfully crafted and adorned with symbolic and traditional decorations of each culture.

Gasless mint

The NFT collection, designed as a reward for user engagement on the platform, comes with an additional benefit courtesy of Škoda. In a move to enhance user experience, Škoda has committed to absorbing the gas fees, thereby making the minting process absolutely cost-free for users.

Easy onboarding

Users can quickly connect their existing crypto wallets or create a custodial wallet using their email.

This streamlined process is designed to onboard new users swiftly and seamlessly, introducing them to the world of digital collectibles.

The Škodaverse

The Škodaverse, hosted on The Nemesis metaverse platform, represents a virtual environment blending social interaction and entertainment. It features a gamified experience where users can engage with Škoda cars and avatars, explore an NFT gallery, and much more, adding a new dimension to the brand's digital presence.

Enter Skodaverse

What the client is saying

Veronika Fialová

“This year ice hockey campaign took us on an extraordinary adventure. The annual campaign fused the excitement of the 2023 IIHF WM with a global experience that transcended both online and offline realms. Teaming up with Brainz/Artiffine, we curated a seamless customer journey, from conquering challenges in the captivating Škodaverse to obtaining exclusive NFTs. The success of this initiative showcased the power of rewards in engaging people within the metaverse, especially when it comes to the unique collection of goalie masks tokens. Škoda and Brainz/Artiffine's partnership left a proof of concept and opened doors to limitless possibilities.”

Services provided:

  • Project consultation and concept development
  • Website UX/UI design
  • Custom Ethereum smart contract - type ERC-1155
  • NFT minting portal
  1. Frontend and backend development
  2. Crypto wallets integration
  3. Custodial wallet integration (users can create a wallet using only email)
  4. No gas fees for mint
  • Emailing solution to help users navigate through the process
  • Nemesis metaverse integration
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