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A Web3 community for cycling enthusiasts with exclusive membership and event access. Token-gated members area with physical jersey claim.


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Q3 2022


The vision

The founder of Flow Collective, a passionate cycling enthusiast, approached Artiffine to build an event management system with NFT membership passes to various cycling events. The project would require a website, an NFT minting dapp, a token-gated event management solution, and physical-item claims linked to the NFTs.

NFT tier system at the contract level

The initial drop consists of 3 levels of NFTs, each with a different token supply and featuring different artwork and physical jerseys. When minting, users can decide which level of NFT they would like to mint. When developing this feature, we went a bit further and put code into the smart contract that will allow us to create additional drops in the future, each with its own supply levels and token prices.

Token-gated jersey claim

Flow needed a mechanism to verify whether or not a physical jersey had already been claimed for a given NFT. Whenever a jersey has been claimed by an NFT holder, the claim is logged and thus multiple jerseys cannot be claimed for a single token.

See the project live

“You guys have been outstanding”

Chris Stirrup

“You guys have been outstanding in what you’ve built for us, and I haven’t always been the easiest client! So huge thanks guys! If there is anywhere to leave you feedback/review let me know!”

5.0 Clutch

Services provided:

  • Website design and development
  • Graphic design
  • NFT minting app (custom Ethereum smart contract, frontend, and backend development)
  • NFT membership passes
  • Token-gated event management solution
  • Physical item claims
  • Blog with CMS
  • IP licensing
  • Technical support during the mint
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