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An NFT collection and minting website for space enthusiasts to collect generative exoplanet video artwork.


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Custom IP clearing


Smart Contract

Q3 2022


XOPlanets - 5069 tokens based on real data from NASA databaes

The vision

Nola Labs had required a website with an NFT minting portal and a gallery capable of displaying the corresponding artwork to the minted NFTs.

They also wanted to implement an NFT reveal, so that the artwork of each NFT would not be revealed until some time after the minting.

Tech flex

Building a gallery capable of holding and quickly displaying a large number of mp4 files while providing seamless user experience was crucial to the project. In addition, Artiffine had to incorporate filtering options that corresponded to the metadata traits within the collection. In the end, the dev team created a gallery to which new planets could be added as they were minted and their metadata revealed, with comprehensive filtering options according to the necessary traits, all fast-loading with seamless user experience.

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What the client is saying

Nola Labs

“Their responsiveness, creativity, precision and speed of work, client communication.”

Services provided:

  • Project consultation and concept development
  • Custom smart contract with NFT reveal functionality and royalties
  • NFT minting portal (custom Ethereum smart contract, frontend, and backend development)
  • Crypto and fiat payment methods
  • NFT artwork gallery capable of holding 5,069 generative video art files
  • Website UX/UI design
  • NFT metadata mapping
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