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Blockchain development can be a daunting endeavor for any project, but our experienced dev team has already run through the gauntlet and learned the tricks of the trade by heart. From custom NFT smart contracts to full-blown Web3 ecosystems, we can realize your project’s vision as an effective and elegant technical solution on multiple blockchains.

Supported chains:

...Algorand, Polkadot and many more

Smart contract development

Solidity EVM Contracts

Ethereum, the tried and true standard for smart contracts, uses Solidity as its smart contract programming language. We can develop custom smart contracts to spec based on client requirements for Ethereum or any other EVM-compatible blockchain.


Every smart contract we create is thoroughly and rigorously tested on testnet before deployment to mainnet. This includes repeated testing of all user flows, methods, and custom features, as well as meticulous security testing to eliminate any vulnerabilities.

Security & Audits

In addition to our own comprehensive security precautions and testing procedures, we can arrange for external auditing of smart contracts by a third-party. This service is not included in the price of custom smart contract development.

Gas Optimisation & Audit

We can analyze and fine-tune your smart contracts to minimize deployment and transaction costs, enhance efficiency, and ensure optimal performance.

Try real time gas calculator below:

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