Festival Krumlov

International Music Festival Český Krumlov wanted to build an NFT experience connected to their ticketing platform. The end solution allows users to turn event tickets into unique digital collectibles.


AI-generated NFTs


Smart Contract



Q2 2023


The vision

International Music Festival Český Krumlov is one of the most important cultural events in the Czech Republic with a rich history that spans over 32 years. It offers more than two weeks of music performances and takes place in the beautiful sceneries of Český Krumlov.

Alongside great music performances, the festival offers AI music experiences in the festival area. The idea for NFT part of the experience was simple yet powerful - allow users to transform physical tickets to NFTs that they can keep as a memory forever. During the ideation phase the idea was taken even further and we combined free NFTs as a reward for ticket holders with paid digital artworks for a good cause.

Artiffine teamed up with our partners Behind Inventions and NFT Insights to deliver the full scope of the project.

AI-generated art

17 Events = 17 NFTs

Artworks of the NFTs are AI-generated masterpieces, each one is connected to one event in real life. The user can filter these NFTs on a city map and browse there all the concerts the festival offers.

Transform your ticket into NFT

All holders of festival’s tickets are eligible to get a FREE NFT associated with the particular event they are visiting.

Our engineering team has integrated a Web2 ticketing solution used by the festival. The process for the end users is super simple. They just enter the email they have used to buy the ticket and they see all the NFTs they can get. Then they choose if they would like to receive the NFT in their own crypto wallet or if they would like to create a new wallet in our platform with email and password login.

Paid NFTs

Additionally, anyone can buy more NFTs from this collection. All the proceeds supports the local Elementary Art School.

NFTs and real live events

Let’s take a look at a greater picture. NFTs can add a fresh, interactive dimension to real-life events. Free NFT airdrops can turn event tickets into unique digital collectibles, enhancing their value and memorability. This is exactly what we have achieved with Festival Krumlov project.

But it does not have to stop there. NFT-based scavenger hunts can amplify attendee engagement and fun, while paid NFTs offer a novel way for organizers to raise extra funds. Or NFTs can be used to provide VIP access and unlock unique experiences at events, enhancing attendee exclusivity and differentiation. They can serve as tokens to access meet-and-greets, backstage tours, or limited-edition merchandise.

Overall, NFTs can enrich the attendee experience and create new opportunities for event planning. Are you an event planner? We have even more innovative ideas ready to be unleashed. Reach out to us and let's build something extraordinary for you event!

What the client is saying

Veronika Fialová

“This year ice hockey campaign took us on an extraordinary adventure. The annual campaign fused the excitement of the 2023 IIHF WM with a global experience that transcended both online and offline realms. Teaming up with Brainz/Artiffine, we curated a seamless customer journey, from conquering challenges in the captivating Škodaverse to obtaining exclusive NFTs. The success of this initiative showcased the power of rewards in engaging people within the metaverse, especially when it comes to the unique collection of goalie masks tokens. Škoda and Brainz/Artiffine's partnership left a proof of concept and opened doors to limitless possibilities.”

Services provided:

  • Project consultation and concept development
  • Website UX/UI design
  • Integration to existing Web2 ticketing solution
  • Custom Polygon smart contract - type ERC1155
  • NFT minting portal
  1. Frontend and backend development
  2. Crypto wallets integration
  3. Custodial wallet integration (users can create a wallet using only email)
  4. Paid NFT mint
  5. Free NFT airdrop
  6. Full legal compliance and contractual support towards the project and the customers (incl. the NFT complaint process within the legal system)
  7. NFT license, IP and privacy policy
  8. Crypto procurement and management
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