Urban Structures

We have teamed up with DVRG Collective and globally awarded artist Vratislav Pecka (PosterLad) on "Urban Structures" - an exclusive NFT project blending Czech architecture with digital art. This limited collection of 25 “phygitals” combines together digital artworks and signed physical posters.




Smart Contract


Signed posters

Q4 2023


The goal

The vision was clear yet ambitious: to create a unique fusion of digital and physical art forms through NFTs and posters. Vratislav Pecka chose 25 famous Czech architectural motives and skilfully incorporated them into the posters. In the final collection, you can find well-known Prague buildings such as “Žižkov TV tower” and “Dancing house”.

These posters were sold as NFTs. The online auction using blockchain aimed to engage both a live audience and the Posterlad’s online community. We chose the Dutch auction model, as we expected that each piece will have a different popularity. This proved to be a strategic decision. It added an element of excitement to the real-life event, where purchases occurred unexpectedly, in contrast to the steadily decreasing prices.

The art

25 NFTs = 25 unique buildings

The collection comprises 25 pieces, each representing a unique intersection of Czech architectural elements with minimalist abstract art.

English auction

The first poster in the "Urban Structures" collection was sold through an “in real life” English auction, where bidders openly competed with ascending price offers until the highest bid was reached.

Dutch auction

The remaining pieces of the "Urban Structures" collection were sold via a Dutch auction on the blockchain, with prices initially set high and gradually lowered until buyers stepped in to purchase at the descending price points.

Art's Digital-Physical Frontier

The success of the "Urban Structures" collection demonstrated the versatility of NFT sales through multiple auction mechanisms, effectively combining a real-life event with online audience engagement.
This approach highlighted the flexibility and potential of NFTs to be transacted through various mechanisms, catering to both traditional art enthusiasts and the digital-savvy community.

Significantly, each NFT purchase was complemented by a signed physical poster, enhancing the value proposition for collectors, who received a unique blend of physical and digital art ownership.

What the client is saying

Veronika Fialová

“This year ice hockey campaign took us on an extraordinary adventure. The annual campaign fused the excitement of the 2023 IIHF WM with a global experience that transcended both online and offline realms. Teaming up with Brainz/Artiffine, we curated a seamless customer journey, from conquering challenges in the captivating Škodaverse to obtaining exclusive NFTs. The success of this initiative showcased the power of rewards in engaging people within the metaverse, especially when it comes to the unique collection of goalie masks tokens. Škoda and Brainz/Artiffine's partnership left a proof of concept and opened doors to limitless possibilities.”

What the client is saying

Jan Svoboda, Founder, DVRG Collective

“Artiffine crafted a blockchain solution tailored to our phygital concept, facilitating the seamless integration of NFTs with our physical artwork.
Our collaboration was characterized by a high level of personal engagement and open-mindedness.”

Services provided:

  • Project consultation and concept development
  • Custom Ethereum smart contract - type ERC721
  • Dutch auction smart contract
  • Dynamic real-time sales display app
  • NFT minting portal
  1. Frontend and backend development
  2. Crypto wallets integration
  3. Paid NFT mint
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