Owning things is normal. Everybody has a picture at home, everybody collects something, and everybody protects its ownership.

Likewise, everybody buys stuff over the internet, where ownership protection had been near to impossible.

And then blockchain came. It enables this protection. Nobody can steal, change or destroy any information written into it.

NFTs are digital art and collectibles that work on those principles and finally are something digital that can’t be stolen.

Be a part of it and get an NFT.


How to buy your first NFT?

  • Follow the timing of the drop. Drops are open either for a limited time frame or until they sold out. After this, the only way the NFTs can be purchased is if the owner decides and lists them on a secondary marketplace.
  • Login to your digital wallet with email or social accounts. Digital waller represents your “bank account” on blockchain. It stores your digital assets.
  • NFTs can be bought easily with a credit card through a standard transaction or auction.
  • After the purchase you will receive a confirmation of the transaction and the NFT will be shown in your wallet.
  • Afther the purchase you can enjoy the added value, collect, hold or sell it on a secondary marketplace


When you purchase NFTs, you are receiving unique and authentic digital work from selected creators or projects.

NFT (non-fungible token) represents a tool for owning things in the digital world.

Blockchain is a decentralised ledger network (not controlled by one entity). This technology ensures absolute control and transparency for NFT ownership. 

Minting is a process during which an artwork is embedded in into blockchain and an NFT is created. Drop is the first official public sale of limited NFTs.

Notice the timings of each drops (when the release happens). Individual drops are usually open only for a limited time or they tend to sell out fast. The buying process is easy, just enter the polygon address (or login to venly) and pay with either your card or crypto. Your NFT will lend into your wallet.

Digital wallet represents a specific “account” on the blockchain where digital assets (think cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc) are stored. When you purchase your NFT, it will get send to your address. Buyers can view their NFTs, send the NFT to someone else or list it on a secondary marketplace through their wallet. More informatio is in the guide here.

The easiest way is to set up a Venly wallet. It can be easily created only with a social media  / google login or email. The wallet setup is done with a few clicks a Artiffine has a direct integration ready.

Artiffine builds on top of the new generation blockchain protocol Polygon. The whole network costumes 100.000x less electrical energy than the blockchains of the previous generation (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.). The vast energy consumption of the first blockchains with legacy consensus mechanisms strongly contributed to increased greenhouse gases. The whole platform Artiffine pledges to be carbon negative already from 2023.

Artiffine is a curated NFT platform which offers only selected NFT creations with high standards of quality, authenticity, verification and sustainability both economic and environmental. All NFTs on our platform also have added value in form of some benefits associated with the NFT which makes them much more interesting and valuable.

The digital wallet Venly is our credible partner which fulfills all security criteria. Venly currently looks after over 5 million USD of its users.

The payment aspects are taken care of through the payment gateways Global Payments and Coinbase Commerce. In both cases those entities are a credible partner fulfilling all security standards with millions of already realised transactions.

NFT is an excellent investment as well as collecting opportunity. It’s not about pure digital files but digital artworks with unique character which, contrary to the normally available digital content, has both value and additional benefits that the creator associates with the NFT. 

The ownership of digital things is generally a very specific question. With the arrival of blockchain we can start talking about a specific form of ownership, because basically all rights that belong to an owner of a thing are associated with NFTs.

Yes. NFTs represent digital assets. NFT artwork can be displayed and sold in the scope of the rights associated with it. Secondary marketplace serves for resales.

Because of blockchain’s transparency and immutability, it is not possible to acquire a digital asset without its owner’s authorisation. However, owners need to be very mindful of scammers, weak passwords, sharing of private keys and other vulnerabilities.

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